Say hello to UniFi

Meet UniFi ($UFI ). Bringing real-world assets to DeFi through flash sale crowdfund pools!


Aggregating best yield pools from Tron and Ethereum ecosystems

UniFi is building a multi-layer solution to solve the biggest problem in DeFi – chains. We work on deploying Tron and Ethereum projects on one platform by sourcing them from Compound, AAVE and Sun, in accordance to provide the best yield generating pools from a crossover of 2 major projects.

Next Level DeFi

DeFi is hot but Uniswap is old and Sushiswap got sold – we hereby welcome you to UniFi where a bright future awaits you, behold!

Hefty Rewards

Earn more $UFI as you wait for the asset’s pool you invested in to bring you a yield as soon as it gets liquidated on achieving an appreciation in value.

Flash Loans

We will make it easier to provide flash loans to users without collateralising their crypto-assets, to perform investments and use the flash loans in one single transaction

Flash Pools

Invest in Pools

Put your stablecoins to work on UniFi to earn more in the shortest period possible as all our pools are hooked to fixed time countdowns.


Your Portfolio

Easily manage your investments in multiple asset pools to track your portfolio values in real-time and make quick decisions on swaps.


Our Roadmap

UniFi Platform Launch v1

Initial launch of the $UFI Staking Platform.

20th November 20

UniFi Platform Launch v2

Major upgrades in security, speed and UX of the product

30 November 2020

<500m in Assets

Reaching <500m in total Asset Value

20 December 2020

Open APIs for Integration

Opening the doors for everyone to build upon $UFI

1 January 2021

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UniFi ($UFI) is a multi-chain yield aggregator empowering staking pools of projects based on both Tron & Ethereum on a single platform.